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You Should be Drinking: Ghia’s Sumac & Chili Le Spritz

You Should be Drinking: Ghia’s Sumac & Chili Le Spritz

Ghia’s Sumac & Chili Le Spritz

Taking a break from drinking but still craving the flavors of a spicy marg? This non-alcoholic aperitivo is my go-to cocktail replacement. It’s not a sad can of soda AND its got the right amount of kick to keep things exciting.

About Ghia

As the queen bee of the non-alcoholic beverage world, Ghia has redefined the way we think about socializing and drinking. Ghia’s founder, Melanie Masarin, took inspiration from childhood Mediterranean summers spent with family cooking and laughing together. She created an aperitivo that takes you back to those carefree warm days, without having to endure a hangover or forget the best parts. Arguably, Ghia became a household name with Le Spritz, their ready-to-drink, single-serve cans in three distinct flavors. Their fourth and latest addition combines Ghia’s signature aperitif with the crimson of sumac and kick of chili, adding a zesty touch to the brand’s repertoire.

The Spritz You Should be Drinking:

Sumac and Chili Le Spritz at $60/12 cans

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Don’t get me wrong, I love a good spicy, mezcal-based cocktail just as much as the next gal. The more savory, the better. But for those evenings when I’m looking to unwind without alcohol, this can of Sumac & Chili surprisingly exceeded expectations. For one, it blends the tangy, citrusy taste of sumac with the subtle heat of chili peppers to create a peppery sip with a gingery aftertaste. And to make matters better, extracts of nervine give you that trance-like feeling of calm. I’d highly recommend adding a Tajin-based rim to your glass to take things up a notch. At only 60 calories per can, it has become a fan favorite in this household.

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