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You Should Be Drinking: Larkmead 2019 Solari Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

You Should Be Drinking: Larkmead 2019 Solari Estate Cabernet Sauvignon


A historic Napa estate puts out a wine so deliciously decadent that it is the only wine you should be pouring for your Valentine this year.


About the Winemaker:

Larkmead Vineyards is one of the oldest family-owned establishments in Napa Valley. Originally founded in 1895, the 115-acre Larkmead estate is now under the stewardship of the Solari-Baker family.

The broad patch of Calistoga that Larkmead Vineyards calls home has been under vine since the mid-1800s and has witnessed the turning of two centuries. In that time, Napa Valley has transformed from a vinous vestige of the Wild West to one of the most preeminent wine regions of the world.

The Wine You Should Be Drinking:

2019 Solari Estate Cabernet Sauvignon


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If you’ve followed Honest Cooking and PAIR Magazine, you know that we love the classic Napa Cabs coming out of the Larkmead laboratory. They are big, bold, delicious, decadent and basically everything else you’ve come to expect from a fantastic Cali Cab.

The 2019 Solari Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is no exception. It’s as if Larkmead took everything they’ve worked for these past 120 years or so, and distilled into a bottle that is just EXACTLY ripe for the picking for your upcoming Valentine’s date (or any date, or just another Tuesday for that matter). They brewed it into a love potion so powerful and elegant that it’s impossible to resist. And honestly, if you can’t get laid pouring this wine, I’m sorry, but you may have to buy some cats. And a life alert.

And that’s why this is a wine you should be drinking.

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